You have every reason to go for a winter wedding in Jaffa

The most special, the most beautiful, the most embracing, the most exciting, the most romantic and the most unexpected – no, we’re not talking about the bride (although I’m sure she also meets all these definitions), we’re talking about a winter wedding. In recent years, more and more couples in Israel choose an event specifically in the cold season, and what can we tell you? They are absolutely right. A winter wedding has many advantages, from the availability of the most sought-after suppliers to the energy of your family and friends, who this season do not attend many events, and come to celebrate and be excited with you at Paul Power.

But our good news about a winter wedding did not end here – we found the perfect place to celebrate this type of event, at this type of timing. Lawrence was simply born to hold events in it when it’s cold outside. The interior design and atmosphere are the warmest and most welcoming, the staff, the equipment and the facilitators are prepared for any weather scenario, and even the roof of the place can be used by you, should the weather flow. We are insanely flexible, and can change and adapt the place from now to now, according to the vibe outside. Lawrence’s warm and rich oriental style, simply sits on top of the winter, and in short – you have reached your destination. A winter wedding in Jaffa is the talk.

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