A wedding in Jaffa-Tel Aviv: an event in style and an extraordinary atmosphere

A special wedding on the agenda? If so, then accept it – your guests arrive at an ancient Jaffa building, and immediately go up to the roof overlooking all the historic stone houses, alternating with the latest high-tech towers of Tel Aviv. A hysterical and exciting setting for the reception and the canopy ceremony. Needless to say, on this special roof there is also an alcohol bar and the finest food stalls waiting for you. An atmosphere of a cocktail party at the peak of style.

In the next step, everyone goes down to the inner arched space, designed in a chic eclectic style, warm and cozy, combining both oriental and modern elements. The interior space is divided into three main areas – the open kitchen area, the dance floor area where there is also the main bar and above it the DJ stand, and a classic seating area, with tables and chairs, and even another bar, which also serves good coffee to anyone interested. The stunning roof remains open throughout the event, allowing guests to go out to freshen up, sip another drink upstairs and return to the dance floor, as they please.

If you have a dream, an idea, a specific vision regarding any aspect of the event – the seating arrangement, reverse wedding, cocktail party or any matter – you have arrived in the land of unlimited possibilities. We are here to listen and realize together with you every idea and dream.

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