Welcome to Lawrence

You have arrived at an event hall in Jaffa, on the border of Tel Aviv, an extraordinary complex both in appearance and style, and in quality. The place is suitable for all types of events – weddings, business events, company events, private events such as bar/bat mitzvah, birthdays, launches, parties, workshops, lectures and more. One of the things that makes the complex unique is the combination between the ancient and the modern, and between the oriental and the western, and you really feel and see it in every part of the hall.

An authentic Jaffa atmosphere, alongside the Tel Aviv quality

The Lawrence location combines two different elements that together create everything needed for the event: a central and convenient location and a special and authentic atmosphere and style. If you have some experience in production, you probably know that it is difficult to find places that meet both of these requirements at the same time. So the location is right on the seam between Tel Aviv and Jaffa, near the entrance to the flea market, surrounded by ancient stone houses with a real Labontini vibe. At the same time, you are a touch from Tel Aviv, so the high-quality suppliers, the style and the ease of arrival are an integral part of the story.

The roof and the central space: a winning combination between an indoor event and an outdoor event

In the Lawrence complex, a magnificent roof awaits you with a hysterical view of the old city of Jaffa, which connects with the high-tech towers of Tel Aviv. On this roof, canopy ceremonies and receptions are held in a relaxed and fun cocktail atmosphere. After this part of the event, we go down to the central space where the meal is served and the other parts of the event take place, including the dance party and the artistic program. Throughout the event, the roof, equipped with an active bar, remains open and allows guests to walk between the spaces, go out to air out and come back inside as they please. In other words, there is no need to choose between an outdoor event and an indoor event. come true in Lawrence, and we will make it happen.

Do with it as you wish: a flexible event complex that can be anything you want it to be

Beyond the style and high quality, one of the most valuable things about this event complex is that the place is exceptionally flexible and versatile. Any change of concept, any change in the layout or format of serving the food, adjustments to changing weather and more – everything can be done there easily and efficiently, depending on the type of event, the time and, of course, your specific requirements and vision. Whether it’s a wedding or a business event – the idea you have in mind can be realized in Lawrence, and we will make it happen.


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