Culinary experience FOOD CLUB | Premium catering for events

If in the past there was a certain, expected and banal standard of culinary at events, today the standards have risen, and your guests expect miracles and wonders from you, and especially surprises and originality when it comes to the food served to them. Our culinary company, Food Club, consists of people who have the gastronomic field running through their veins, and they come to work with great hunger and lots of love and pleasure.

One of the advantages of Lawrence’s Hippo location is the availability of local vendors. The fresh fish, meats, fruits and vegetables land in our kitchens a few hours before the start of the event. It all turned out that there are no such things. Our cooks cook the dishes on the spot in open kitchens, and serve the food to the guests with their own hands. Peak of freshness and abundance of flavors.

And the menus? Here too, East meets West, traditional meets modern, and the classic meets the trendy. Starters such as a refreshing ceviche, made on the spot from the fresh fish, fragrant pastries such as focaccia, sambusk and even khachapuri, baked in our home bakery and served hot from the oven, and many other novelties and inventions…

In the main dishes you will find plenty of styles and tastes, colors and intoxicating smells. Of course we also prepared vegetarian and vegan versions of everything. And the desserts? Well, you’ve already understood our concept… In short, your guests think they’ve arrived at an event, but actually they’ve arrived at the best restaurant in town.

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