An event on the Jaffa-Tel Aviv border: the comfort of the city and the authentic style

Anyone who has managed to produce one or another event in their life, understands how important the location of the hall is in the story. Choosing a central location, familiar, easy and convenient to reach, already leads you halfway to success.

We deliberately say “half way”, because it is just as important that the place be high-quality, cozy and stylishly designed, but you already have that built-in in Lawrence.

The location of the Lawrence is undoubtedly unusual – it is the area connecting Tel Aviv and Jaffa, near the entrance to the flea market and the well-known Clock Square.

The beauty is that on the one hand you can completely say that your event is taking place in Tel Aviv, and on the way you can also enjoy the urban chic, the comfort and the proximity to the most stylish suppliers. On the other hand, you are in Jaffa, with all that implies. Also the oriental atmosphere that is very flattering for the events, also the maximum comfort, when actually there is no need to enter Tel Aviv to get to the event, and also – you have covered all the corners regarding the locations for the preliminary photos. In short, a location that is a trump card in every possible respect.

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