Event space in a historic Jaffa building

The central space of the Lawrence incorporates ancient oriental elements in an unusual architectural design. The hall consists of three spaces defined by stone arches – a seating area, a dance floor and bar, and an open kitchen area. A space that combines the ancient and the modern, full of charm and atmosphere. The eclectic design makes it a unique place, with a “look and feel” that you have never experienced before. On the one hand, the historic stone structure preserved from the Ottoman period, provides the ancient and heritage feeling, and on the other hand, we refreshed the design with a lot of modern decoration items and lots of plants, in a trendy boho chic style, which makes the place open, airy and bright.

In one part of the space you will find classic seating, around tables, while this space is quieter and suitable for your mature audience. In the central part of the space, the dance floor and the central bar await you, as well as the DJ station. A combination of natural materials, including wood and green vegetation, makes this area pleasant and unique. In the other part of the central space, the open kitchen stations await you, where during the event our cooks work vigorously and prepare the fresh dishes in front of the guests’ eyes. An experience for all the senses.

It is important to note that everything inside this space is flexible and subject to changes according to your desire and need. If you have a specific vision regarding the seating arrangements, the way the meals are served or anything else – we are here to make the necessary adaptations and we will not stop until it is perfect. How versatile is this space? It is suitable for events of 300 people at full seating, 450 people at cocktail events, and 700 people at a party. Regardless of the type of event and its size, the hypo-Tel Aviv atmosphere, the special style and the oriental charm are already built in.

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