A roof for events: when “Sky-Line” Tel Aviv meets the old city of Jaffa

An event that opened on the most special roof in the city. Lawrence’s rope-top is a unique location. The view from above is something that is difficult to explain in words, but we will try anyway.

The place lies exactly on the seam line between Tel Aviv and old Jaffa, so that when you stand on the roof, you will see the historic stone houses, alternating with the shiny high-tech towers, where at any time of the day, you will get a different and spectacular sight in itself. At sunset the whole area is painted orange-pink, and after dark, all the city lights twinkle.

On the spacious roof, bar tables and chairs await you, a well-stocked bar and perfect food stands for the opening of the reception. There is no need to explain why this place is just perfect for a canopy ceremony and actually perfect for the reception of any event, of any kind.

Even after the end of the first part of the event, the roof remains open for guests to use, as it functions as a balcony where they are invited to go out and freshen up throughout the event.

In other words, Lawrence’s roof offers the opportunity to start any event in the open air, with a hysterical view and a special atmosphere that can only be found in this spot. feel on top of the world.

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