A Cultural pearl at the heart of renewed Jaffa

The vibe,
the people,
the place.

The Lawrence is a place of vibrant style, loaded with originality and with no clichés.
We provide a combination of European design with inspiration from Istanbul to Greece.
The Lawrence is owned by The Dynamo Group,
A group of leaders which take part in the ownership of the HIGH&, the Riverside and the Dubnov gallery venues.
These group targets the most attractive locations and creates this unique events complexes,
while shaking off the old dust from the classic world of events
working along with a professional team with vision and creativity

What's so special about the Lawrence?

The atmosphere

An event at the Lawrence is always an event with soul and a breathtaking view, from the location to the atmosphere.
The venue is located in an authentic Ottoman structure.
Inside, the space is designed and planned in an eclectic style. In our balcony upstairs, you'll find a spectacular rooftop terrace with a breathtaking view.

The Love

We’re passionate about our customers and love our profession. Our crew holds a high standard of service at a personal level and will make sure you’ll enjoy a pleasant and classy event from the first meeting to the last on the dance floor.

Precision and Authenticity

The ultimate experience of the Lawrence starts with food. At the Lawrence, you will enjoy a flavorful culinary experience. Our Chef Haim Sabag and the talented crew of Maasia Catering cook Mediterranean flavors with European influences, served in hand crafted dishes collected during Haim’s travels. In addition to the food, we have a grand selection of alcohol, including a professional cocktail bar and team, as well as an Arabic coffee cart which rotates among the guests.

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