A pearl in the heart of ancient classic Jaffa 

Inside Jaffa: Tel Aviv’s Hottest Area

The Lawrence is the perfect reflection to Jaffa news
The flea market, the history, the art, the galleries and the new hot spots
The Lawrence stand along the old Jaffa port,
the zodiac alley and Psagot garden are placed together with trendy bars like
"Anna loulou" and "Ramesses" in the Greek market alley and the art and design galleries

Lawrence's journey into the eastern culture

Thomas Edward Lawrence was a brave adventurer, a great strategist,
a writer, archaeologist, and a British military colonel.
The first western man to fell in love them with eastern culture.
With one of his many journeys to the Mediterranean east,
Lawrence visit Israel and instantly fell in love with the Arabian culture,
the simple joy, nobility and cultural wealth.

All these have made Jaffa what it is today
The most ancient and beautiful port town in the world tells stories from the past and sailing into the future at once

Aroma rising from the harbor, fishermen just arrived ashore, inspirational allies, Middle Eastern sounds British, Romans and crusaders

Jaffa is no longer just pastries aroma in abu-lafia's bakery, and ethnic souvenirs.
the old city became a vibrant, cultivated city combined modern Mediterranean new vibes,
night life and renewed real estate complexes.

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